1. cali-cocaine:

haaaa brehhh


    haaaa brehhh

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  2. Anonymous said: Is it wrong to care the most? And who are these individuals that cause Ben-senpai pain? I thought you were stronger and thick skinned Ben. Stop giving up. Everything is all about balance. Ying-yang blah blah blah.

    who keeps calling me senpai… LOL

  3. I’m just going to go ahead and not take anyone seriously anymore. In the end, I’m always the one caring the most. And those that care the most fall the hardest. Those people never get what they want.

  4. xv7:

y’all r gettin way too accurate with these it’s scaring me


    y’all r gettin way too accurate with these it’s scaring me

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  5. slomps:

    I broke up with the door

    It just wouldn’t open up to me

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  6. mikeyavila:

    I think I need to go back to what I was doing and concentrate on myself. I’m slowly starting to lose myself again and I don’t want to fall again for the wrong reasons. I’m slowly falling apart again and I can’t let that happen.

  7. backdoorteenmom:


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  8. Anonymous said: How do you give a good blowjob?


    watch porn


  9. lucidnee:


    if u wit ur girl

    and she put her phone down like this:


    u mostly likely a side nigga stay woke

    Can y’all stop giving away secrets

  10. jaclcfrost:

    "turn in your test even if you aren’t finished"